vuk  studentskipark

2012/3, photoseries, different formats
Presentation: postcards

For the project „standing“ I am going through the city of Belgrade, taking pictures in front of sculptures of national heroes, wearing a female plastic torso that was given to me by a friend (who found it in the
The approachment of the female torso towards the (almost always)
masculine hero in the public space problematizes the traditional, yet very present, representation of
power, of success, of accomplishment… A phenomenon that is a reflexion of times long passed, but still, it seems as if it is very present today as well.
At the same time, it examines one of the key messages that this particular society is trying to transmit to the visitors (or even to its own members). „This is us…“ –
At another level the experiment plays with me in the typical role as a
tourist, living some months in the city, trying to capture important monuments to perceive the city through them.